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I conceived of the idea for MONOLITH in 2007. I thought about it for three years before acting. Monolith Magazine Issue 1 was released 14 February 2010, featuring 13 poems. Monolith Magazine Issue 2 was released 15 March 2011, featuring 13 poems. After months of aimless and untrained drawing, I selected works for what I called the Abstract Series, the title chosen for a seeming lack of origin. It was a limited three volume series, which ended in October 2011. I also produced an album of environmental sounds recorded along the coast of Maine, released in October 2011 – entitled East Sound. After moving from Maine to Massachusetts, I created Monolith Magazine Issue 3 in July 2013, featuring 12 literary works, and cover designed by Jess Slade. I am in the process of creating Monolith Magazine Issue 4, which is going to be double in size of the previous three, and will be the first issue to feature original artwork. It is due beginning of 2016.