East Sound 12"

cover cover

East Sound is a one-sided vinyl production from the maker of Monolith Magazine and The Abstract Series. Environmental recordings from the far northeast. From a recorder maxed out on ocean sounds, seagull cries, malfunctioning machines, quiet haunting lulls, rainstorms, a cautious harbor warning the seafarers. A record for the contemplative adventurer, the armchair traveler, the restless, the seekers, those estranged from the sea, those familiar with the sea, the landlocked, the waterlogged, the masses hungry for respite. This record is multi-purpose, beneficial to mind expansion exercises. Close eyes, sit still with muscles relaxed, turn the volume up to its maximum capacity, smell the salty northern sea air, feel the sand soft and grainy underneath you. Let the lost dreams return to you. //// 12″ play at any speed, 8 tracks, locked groove. Unique handmade covers: Duotone paper, Maine autumn leaves, lacquer, glue, pencil, stitching. Edition of 200.